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PHOTOS from the presentation of the book “A Wonderful Monster in the Land of Monstrous Beasts”

Apr 23, 2010
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On the International Children’s Book and Copyright Day, A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers in collaboration with the “Inter” TV channel, the “Crazy Fathers” TV programme and café “Volkonsky” led a presentation of its new book, “A Wonderful Monster in the Land of Monstrous Beasts”. The participants of the presentation were the writer Sashko Dermansky and Ivan Malkovych, the head of A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers.
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Sashko Dermansky holding “A Wonderful Monster - 2” with his daughter Slavtsia
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Ivan Malkovych and Oleh Paniuta
The prizes for the winners
The truth about plotting the plot of “A Wonderful Monster” dilogy
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Meanwhile, assisted by the confectioners of “Volkonsky” café, the children made their own Wonderful Monsters
Who will win in the end? Everyone wins with A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA!

Here is the response from Ivan Malkovych about the book:

“After reading the manuscript I felt I could explode from happiness and laughter. There was only one thing that actually upset me: I had nobody to share my happiness with, because no one had read the book by that time. So I made a call to the author and for no less than twenty minutes I had been “panegyrizing” his new novel. Then I rushed home and offered the manuscript to my son. Later on I would not go to sleep until three in the night and would contentedly listen to my son roaring with unrestrained laughter, and I tried to guess what exactly he was reading about at that moment. I was nearly hovering when my son finished reading and ran to me and in half whisper – because everyone else had fallen asleep long ago! – we started savoring the most spectacular episodes from the book, dreaming about the Ukrainian Hollywood, as “A Wonderful Monster in the Land of Monstrous Beasts” is as well really cinematic story… And now I am looking forward to printing this book so that you, dear readers, could also fall into a joyful delight…”