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Order pictures

A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers is famous by its cooperation with the best Ukrainian artists. A lot of readers apply to us with the request to buy an imprint of an illustration from any of our books.

Starting from New Year 2010 it will be possible to order imprints of every illustration from our books.

At your request, thay can be printed as follows:

  • on canvas;
  • on high-quality watercolor paper;
  • on special coated paper.

The size of the picture is unlimited (preferably, multiple of five, in the case you would like to order it on a stretcher).

Every picture like this (actually, this is a kind of a linocut) will have a genuine autograph of its artist.

Nearly 20 artworks, produced this way were successfully sold at various prestigious charity auctions.

The total number of copies of any available imprints of one illustration shall not exceed 100 coies for the whole circulation time.

To order a picture, please indicate the title of our book, page number, preferable size of the imprint and preferable material (canvas, watercolor paper, coated paper).

Vladyslav Yerko

Kost' Lavro

Kateryna Shtanko

Sofia Uss

Zhenia Gapchinska

Oleh Petrenko-Zanevsky