Коротка адреса цієї сторінки

Mr. Catsky

A Ukrainian Folk Tale
PAN KOTSKIY cover-uk.jpg
Illustrations by: Kost' Lavro

Age group: preschools
Type of publication: second, improved, colorful
Format: 240×295 mm
On sale since January 2005
(out of print)
ISBN 966-7047-49-0
not in sale

Mr. Catsky, this incredibly lucky guy, appears now brilliantly illustrated by the famous children’s illustrator Kost’ Lavro. The endless firework of artistic joy, genuine “Ukrainity”, accurate, effervescent imagery, the possibility of parallel reading of the folk tale by children and adults, text layout emphasizing the characters’ intonations, great plot — here is what makes it an exemplary book for kids aged 2 to 102.

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