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Victor Morozov (translator)

Victor Morozov
with Paulo Coelho

Victor Morozov (15.06.1950) is a popular Ukrainian musician, composer, translator.

He is a sincere and beloved friend of “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers”.

In 1972 he founded “Arnika”, one of the first rock-bands in Ukraine.

He is the art-director of a cabaret-theatre-band called “Don’t Worry!” (1988), a laureate of the first “Chervona Ruta” music festival (1989).

His “sung poetry” greatly influenced the work of such famous Ukrainian rock-bands as “Plach Yeremiyi” and “Mertvyi Piven’”.

The discography of Victor Morozov comprises nearly 20 music albums. He earned wide popularity with his translations of the "Harry Potter" book series and of Roald Dahl’s stories "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", Matilda".

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