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The Wolf and Seven Little Goats

Authors: Brothers Grimm {{{2}}}[[Category:Brothers Grimm {{{2}}}]]
Translated by: Retold from German by S. Sakydon and I. Malkovych
Illustrations by: Victoria Kovalchuk

Age group: kids
Type of publication: paperboard, gift-book, colorful
Format: 200×260 mm
Number of pages: 14
Year of publiction: 1993 (first edition)
On sale since 2005
(out of print)
ISBN 966-7047-52-0
not in sale

This is the favorite children’s tale flawlessly published by “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA”. Due to the high-quality paperboard the book will be able to stand the most diverse ways of reading it by the smallest readers.
The book was illustrated by one of the most famous Ukrainian children’s artist Victoria Kovalchuk.

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