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The Story of a Piglet

Author: Yuri Vynnychuk
Illustrations by: Oleh Petrenko-Zanevsky
Genre: Fairy tales and short stories
Age group: For preschools and elementary school
Type of publication: gift-book, hardcover, colorful
Format: 225×295 mm
RRP in Ukraine: 125 UAH
On sale since 2005
ISBN 966-7047-28-8
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Look at that dashing Piglet! It ruined the king’s palace, it put twelve violent robbers to death, it became the captain of the pirate ship… Haven’t you read about the Piglet yet?
Mamma mia! “The Story of a Piglet” is undoubtedly the best “piggy” thing in the world! It was written by the marvelous Ukrainian writer Yuri Vynnychuk, and illustrated by the acclaimed maestro of the book graphic art Oleh Petrenko-Zanevsky.

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