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The Nymph and the Ant King

MAVKA cover-uk.jpg
Author: Attila Mohylny
Illustrations by: Victor Garkusha

Age group: secondary school
Type of publication: gift-book, hardcover, glossy, colorful
Format: 230×290 mm
Number of pages: 32
On sale since December 2006
ISBN 978-966-7047-83-2
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A modern gripping novella about a small Nymph the witch, who gets to our planet, to the city of Kyiv, accompanied by the courageous ant platoon.
Together with the boy Yasyk, the knight Tur and other characters they engage in a decisive battle with the bloodthirsty Hip-Hop…
Meticulous and fancy illustrations of the young artist Victor Garkusha, exquisite language and narrative talent of Attila Mohylny will help the reader to dip deeper into fabulous knight world of Kyiv…

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  • The Best Children’s Book of the Year (2007 Book of the Year National Contest)