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The Little Princess and the Pussycat

Author: Hrytsko Hryhorenko
Illustrations by: Valeria Sokolova
Age group: kids aged 2 to 102
Type of publication: gift-book, hardcover, glossy, colorful
Format: 200×250 mm
RRP in Ukraine: 85 UAH
On sale since 18 May 2011
ISBN 978-617-5850-05-3
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A good-natured Little Princess wants to help all the poor and ill-fated. She is ready to give them her most precious belongings. But one day her father the King gives the command to drive out all poor fellows from the royal palace, in order to protect the royal treasury from devastation. And then something incredible happens. The Little Princess sees the good fairy with the magical Pussycat, and the real miracles begin…
The beautiful illustrations are drawn by the famous American painter of Ukrainian origin Valeria Sokolova.

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