Коротка адреса цієї сторінки

The Bully Goat

A Ukrainian Folk Tale
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Illustrations by: Oleh Petrenko-Zanevsky
Age group: preschools
Type of publication: gift-book, hardcover, colorful
Format: 225×295 mm
RRP in Ukraine: 145 UAH
On sale since 2012
ISBN 978-617-585-029-9
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Boy, that bully goat is b-a-a-a-d! How bad?
Through her tricks, she made an old man so angry at his wife and sons that he sent them away.
And then she marched right into the little rabbit’s house and took it over!
Many animals tried to get her to leave. Which one of them managed to chase the bully goat away? Read on to find out!
At the end of the book, there’s a game — help the rabbit win against that b-a-a-a-d bully goat.

Versos and Rectos (the Ukrainian edition)

The Ukrainian edition