Коротка адреса цієї сторінки

The Amazing Adventures of Alia

from one side
from another side
Author: Halyna Malyk
Cover by: Kateryna Shtanko, Ludmyla Korzh-Rad'ko
Illustrations by: Grasya Oliyko
Genre: Fairy tales and short stories
Age group: For primary and secondary school
Type of publication: colorful
Format: 212х265 mm
Number of pages: 224
RRP in Ukraine: 125 UAH
On sale since Apr 21, 2015
ISBN 978-617-585-083-1
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The characters of this Ukrainian trilogy, written by a favorite storyteller of Ukrainian children, will help you understand that everything in the whole world depends on ourselves. Particularly, our future does! Thus it is vitally important to finish all beginnings and, just like the Alia girl, bravely fight the delusional promises and other slap-dashes. Because for those reasons our future might well turn into a soap bubble…The story was included into the curriculum.

Versos and Rectos (the Ukrainian edition)