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Sylvester the Excellent

Author: Dana Kaveli
Illustrations by: Dana Kaveli

Genre: Fairy tales and short stories
Age group: For preschools
Type of publication: hardcover, glossy, colorful
Format: 232х290 mm
ISBN 978-617-585-094-7
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Sylvester, a little mouse, was so lonely, for nobody ever wanted to have a mouse as a friend. One day when he heard a boy playing a violin, Sylvester made himself a violin out of a tiny key and it changed his life completely…A wonderful story about friendship between a little mouse and a boy was written and illustrated by Dana Kaveli, a talented 19 year old artist from the city of Melitopol, a student of the department of publishing and printing technologies of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

That is to say, after reading this book a lot of you guys will no longer be afraid of mice.