Коротка адреса цієї сторінки

Spry Fox

Author: Maryana Kniazevych
Illustrations by: Ivan Sulyma
Edited by: Sashko Dermansky
Genre: Fairy tales and short stories
Age group: For primary and secondary school
Type of publication: hardcover, glossy, colorful
Format: 240х300 mm
RRP in Ukraine: 135 UAH
On sale since Sep 9, 2015
ISBN 978-617-585-095-4
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Mother Foxy always warned little Spry Fox: “Never-never leave your home alone, for the forest and the land beyond, where two-legged ones live, is full of danger…” But can a little Spry Fox really sit still at home when it`s so beautiful outside? The curious Spry Fox gets into big trouble trying to make a pleasant surprise to his mother…

This breathtaking and didactic tale, written by Maryana Kniazevych featuring Sashko Dermansky, will introduce you as well to Dash the dog, Cicero the goose, huge Rabbits family and other characters. This book is illustrated by Ivan Sulyma – perhaps the most skillful new wave illustrator, a dynasty third-generation artist.