Коротка адреса цієї сторінки

Momotaro and other Japanese Tales

Illustrations by: Victor Garkusha
Age group: kids aged 2 to 102
Type of publication: colorful
Format: 305 х 235 mm
RRP in Ukraine: 135 UAH
On sale since 11 September 2014
ISBN 978-617-585-064-0
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“Momotaro and other Japanese Tales” comprises the most famous of the Japanese folk tales.
Momotaro is one of the most beloved Japanese characters. His adventures are described in a lot of books, movies and cartoons.

Victor Garkusha, a talented Ukrainian illustrator, has worked on this book for over four years. The work on one illustration could go on for up to five months. Perhaps, Harkusha can be capable of the title “the most meticulous and the slowest illustrator of the world”, though in his real life he is fond of motorcycle racing and he drives recklessly at high speeds.