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«Anthology of Young Poetry of the U.S.A.»

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Translated by: Taras Malkovych, Andriy Lyubka, Pavlo Matyusha, Liubov Iakymchuk
Editor: Taras Malkovych
Genre: Poems
Age group: For adults; For youth
Type of publication: hardcover, selective varnishing
Format: 140х188 mm
Number of pages: 280
RRP in Ukraine: 80 UAH
ISBN 978-617-585-119-7
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This Anthology comprises selected poems from a vast array of young poets from the U.S.A.
Most of them were assembled, compiled, and translated by Taras Malkovych, a young Ukrainian poet who lived in NYC researching young U.S. poets as a Fulbright Scholarship holder. The introduction for the anthology was written by Tom Healy, poet, head of the Fulbright Scholarship Board in New York.

It is the first translated anthology of young poetry from the U.S.A. recently in the world.
The book has already received the Lviv Publishers' Forum Special Award-2016.

The Anthology of Young Poetry of the U.S.A. includes these poets:
Natalie Eilbert, L. Lamar Wilson, Phillip B. Williams, Jeremiah Walton, Ocean Vuong, Paul Hlava, Tyler Gobble, Julia Elizabeth Guez, Andrew Durbin, Olena Jennings, Jessica Elsaesser, Julie Kantor, James Browning Kepple, Brandon Kreitler, David Kutz-Marks, Brett Fletcher Lauer, Rickey Laurentiis, Marc McKee, Filip Marinovich, Stephen Motika, Frances Justine Post, Alexis Pope, Camille Rankine, Erika L. Sanchez, Matthias Svalina, Andrew Seguin, Sampson Starkweather, Nick Sturm, Emily Toder, Elizabeth Whittlesey, Lonely Christopher, Jenny Zhang, Sarah V. Schweig, Zachary Schomburg, Danniel Schoonebeek.