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"Go Dragons!" became the BBC Children’s Book of the Year 2014

Dec 12, 2014, BBC Україна
Bbc book award.jpg

BBC Ukrainian today announced the winners of its Book of the Year 2014 awards presented in partnership with the Cultural Programme of the European Bank For Reconstruction And Development (EBRD).

EBRD Director of Communications, Jonathan Charles,

commented on the BBC Children’s Book 2014:

«This is the third year of cooperation between the EBRD Cultural Programme and the BBC Ukrainian Book of the Year. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development knows that children are the future of all countries, and we are interested in helping to develop Ukraine's future. In these three years, we have been able to recognise three outstanding books for children. This year, Katya Shtanko’s book won not only the prize but also the hearts of all, children and adults, who have read it. Now we know that every dog may turn out to be a dragon, and even the most ordinary child can be capable of great things.»