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Yuri Andrukhovych (13.03.1960)


Yuri Andrukhovych is a significant figure of the modern Ukrainian literature, the leading Ukrainian poet, writer, essayist, "the Patriarch of “Bu-Ba-Bu” poetry group".

In 1985 along with Victor Neborak and Oleksandr Irvanets he founded a celebrated poetry group “Bu-Ba-Bu” (Burlesque-Baboonery-Buffoonery), which vividly demonstrated a successful instance of creation of a sociocultural mythos.

Since 1991 Andruchovych has been a co-editor of literary art-magazines called “Thursday” and “The Train”.

The oeuvre of Andrukhovych significantly influences the course of today’s literary process in Ukraine, his name and surname are directly related to the first vivid facts of an unbiased interest towards Ukrainian modern literature in the West. The literary works of Andrukhovych have been translated into numerous languages.

Main poetry collections:

Poetry collections “The Sky and the Squares” (1985), “The Downtown” (1989), “Exotic Birds and Plants complemented with “India: “The Collection of Poems” (1997), “Songs for Dead Rooster” (2004), “The Letters to Ukraine” (2013, “A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA Publishers”).

Prose works:

  • Cycle of short stories “To the left, where heart is” (1989).


  • “Recreations” (1992)
  • “Moscoviada” (1993, 2006)
  • “Perversion” (1996)
  • “Twelve Hoops” (2003)
  • “The Mystery: Instead of a Novel” (2007)
  • “The Lexicon of Intimate Cities” (2011)

Published by A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA in Ukrainian: