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Sofia Uss


Sofia Uss was born into a Ukrainian family in Novokuznetsk, Russia on 19 February 1973. Her family moved to Kishinev, Moldova when she was three years old. She graduated from the Kishinev Art School in 1992 and then studied at the Lviv Polygraphic Institute. She graduated from the Ukrainian National Academy of Art in 1998 and specializes in the genres of painting and book illustration while dividing her time between the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv and Kishinev.

Three of her children’s books—including A Bunny in the Big City or Honey For Mommy, translated into English by former First Lady of Ukraine Kateryna Yuschchenko have gained acclaim of a large audience of young and adult readers in Ukraine, Russia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, and other countries.

Published by A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA in Ukrainian:

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