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Maryna & Serhiy Dyachenko


Serhiy Dyachenko was born 14.04.1945 in Kyiv. He graduated from the Kyiv Medical Institute, worked afterwards as a psychiatrist. He is a candidate of biological sciences.

Later he graduated from the screenwriting faculty of the All-Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow (1989). He is a laureate of The State Award of Ukraine for his screenplay of the film “The Star of Vavilov”. He is also a scriptwriter of the six-episode feature TV series “Nikolai Vavilov” and of the feature film “Famine-33”.

Maryna Dyachenko was born 23.01.1968 in Kyiv. She graduated from the Theatre Institute of Kyiv (1989). She is a professional actress of theatre and cinema. The famous writing couple debuted by their fantasy novel “The Gatekeeper” (1994), awarded by Eurocon-96 Prize.

Since then in their collaboration 25 nowels, dozens of novellas and short stories, several children’s books have been written. Their most famous works include: “The Ritual” (1996), “The Bastard” (1996), “The Scar” (1996), “The Age of Witch” (1997), “The Cave” (1998), “The Last Don Quixote ” (2000), “Varan” (2004), “The Key to the Kingdom” (2005), “Vata Nostra” (2007) etc.

Maryna & Serhiy Dyachenko are holders of numerous international literary awards in science fiction.

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